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Athletes and models,

You've worked hard to achieve your most ambitious goals. You have hit professional, physical, mental and spiritual milestones. These great accomplishments belong to you and to the people they will continue to inspire. Let's capture it! 

We are not coming to take your picture. We're coming to empower you to expand your vision, your brand and your impact. Epic images are inevitable!

We are bringing commercial photography, posing instruction, brand coaching and partnership opportunities  Each photo will be captured with your vision in mind... big or small. 

Details below....


Rally Madison, WI (JAN 22 - 24)

Rally Naples, FL (FEB 26 - 28)

Rally Los Angeles, CA (March 25 - 27)

Rally Roar, MI (April 24th)

Rally St. Louis, MO (April 9-11)

Rally DIVA Duluth, MN (May 5th)

Rally Atlantic City, NJ (June 4 - 6)

Rally Mexico City, Sept 1st)

RALLY FINALE, Grand Rapids, MI (July 29, 30, 31)

Commercial Shoot

Great content is created with intent. From lighting, to the posing, to the purpose behind the photo, we work hard to deliver eye-catching images. Your shoot will include multiple looks and 2-3 locations. Our Stylist and posing coach at every Rally (Jackie). This 90 minute photoshoot is designed to set you apart, tell your story and expand your brand. 

Pose Coaching

Many people shy away from professional shoots because they lack confidence in posingJackie will coach you through any style, any environment and give you confidence that the images will represent you in the best possible way. 

IG: @jackie.what

2X Bikini Pro Competitor, Published Commercial Model

C3 Branding Workshop

How you use your photos is as important as the photos themselves. 

"A book unread is empty".

At the end of each Rally we're hosing a C3 Workshop. Over the past 5 years Jason has created and battle-tested a marketing strategy anyone can do. Jason leveraged the C3 Strategy to go from car salesman to full-time, high-demand commercial photographer. Whether you're creating a massive brand or you desire to share your inspiring story with the world, this workshop will be packed with concepts and actual steps you can take every day to see consistent growth. The C3 system will help you break out of obscurity and propel you in front of your target audience. 

The workshop is included at no additional charge and includes an "Identity Survey". The survey will ensure we properly prepare for your shoot and will be a great reference as you grow your brand, your mission and your audience

Hair & Make-up

Hair & make-up can make or break an image. We are proud to have top-Revo Model Jackie on-hand providing styling tailored to your unique preferences.

Posing Guide

 This quick-guide will serve as a great resource as you continue to create amazing content. We're giving you a physical copy as well as the option to download a PDF copy so it's always with you. 


We believe our net worth is our network. The relationship we form with you is the most important part of what we do. We are consistently creating demand and opportunities for our Revo Model team. As we expand we'll need more models in more locations helping us creating paid/ sponsored content for brands, businesses, publications etc. 


Next rallY

madison, WI

Madison Revo Ambassadors:

Courtney & Tony Spaeth

We are so humbled and honored to partner with these two for another amazing Rally. They are some of the most fun, hardworking people we know. They will be our eyes and ears on the ground in Madison prior to and during the event helping us coordinate all the finer details. 


Courtney will also be participating. She's a published fitness model and I highly decorated bodybuilding competitor: 

Courtney Spaeth:

    Minnesota state 2017: 1st figure novice short, 3rd figure open

Badger state 2017: 3rd figure open

Diva classic 2018: 1st short figure open, 1st overall figure, pro card, and best posing award

Wisconsin Warrior 2018: 1st short figure open, 1st overall figure, pro card, and best posing award

Minnesota Mayhem 2018: 2nd pro figure

Natural Olympia 2018: 8th Pro Figure

Michigan State 2019: 1st Pro Figure, 1st Figure Classic (won pro card), and 1st Physique (won pro card)

P4P 2019: 1st Figure, 1st Figure Masters, 1st Physique, 1st Physique Masters

Minnesota Mayhem 2019: 1st Pro Figure, 1st Pro Physique, 1st Figure Classic

Natural Olympia 2019: Pro Figure Classic 2nd, Pro Figure 4th

Michigan State 2020: 1st Pro Figure, 1st Pro figure Classic

Minnesota Mayhem 2020: 1st Pro Figure, 1st Pro figure Classic

Natural Olympia 2020: 2nd Pro Figure, 1st Pro figure Classic

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